Why your Heating System needs a Power Flush Now


Why your Heating System needs a Power Flush Now

Making sure your home is ready for the winter is a vital task. Radiator, boiler and central heating breakdowns are far more likely to occur during the winter. In order to make sure your central heating system is working to the best of its ability, a Power Flush is recommended and this can fix a number of problems that include:

Cold Parts of a Radiator
Does only half of your radiator heat up? Does your home spend a lot of money on energy bills without ever really getting a fully warm home? If you have regular trouble with your radiators, the best option is to invest in a Power Flush. This will clean the system out fully, meaning all the radiators in the home work to their full potential, just when you need them the most.
Pump and Boiler Failure Prevention                                                                                       The main reason pumps and boilers break down is because they are not serviced regularly. To prevent this, an annual service from a Gas Safe registered Edinburgh  plumber is recommended, and a Power Flush can also make sure that future problems are eradicated before they become a problem. Power Flushes can help extend the life of pumps and boilers, saving you money in the long run.

Improved Efficiency
Power Flushing can improve the performance of your heating system by flushing out sludge and lime scale build-up, maximising heat output and promoting energy efficiency. Not only will your central heating system work more effectively, but you could also save hundreds of pounds on your utility bills.
By selecting a highly experienced and highly professional Power Flush company to perform the job, you will be left with a fully optimised central heating system that will heat your home efficiently throughout the winter months and beyond.

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Be Green and Save Money: Heat Your Home with a Condensing Gas Boiler!

As of April 2005 all new and replacement gas fired boilers were required to be the new energy efficient condensing type.
Condensing boilers produce up to 30% less Carbon Dioxide than conventional boilers and can even cut heating bills by up to 40%. Here we answer some of the most common questions about energy efficient condensing boilers:
What are the benefits of Condensing Boilers?
Condensing boilers work by converting a greater proportion of gas into useable heat. This leads to three main benefits:

  1. Lower Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions
  2. Increased boiler efficiency
  3. Reduced operating costs

Just how much more efficient is a condensing boiler compared to a conventional gas boiler?
Conventional boilers offer around 70-80% efficiency whereas a condensing boiler will be up to 91% efficient.
New condensing boilers can be up to 91% efficient compared to 70-80% efficiency for conventional, non-condensing boilers. This is because the flues of the new style boilers are fitted with heat exchangers that effectively capture waste heat and re-use it.
Are condensing boilers expensive?
New style boilers do tend to be more expensive than their previous counterparts but because they can reduce fuel bills the added expense can quickly be recovered.
Here is an example showing the additional savings that can be made by investing in a condensing boiler:
You have £10 to spend on heating and a traditional boiler operating at 75% efficiency. Within that £10, you have just wasted £2.50 having only achieved £7.50 worth of heat.
You have £10 to spend on heating and a condensing boiler operating at 90% efficiency. For your £10, you have achieved £9 worth of heat and only wasted £1 as opposed to the £2.50 lost in the first example. Imagine how those savings clock up over the course of a month or a year !
Are there different types of Condensing Boilers?
There are three types of condensing boilers to choose from and various factors need to be taken into consideration when making your choice.
A Combi Boiler heats water on demand. It is not as efficient as the other two choices but cost-wise it is at the lower end of the scale. It is the better choice where space is limited such as a flat, or there are a number of people needing to make use of the hot water at various times of the day.
A Regular Boiler works with a hot water tank which will need to be placed in the loft space. It helps where water pressure is low or the property has more than two bathrooms so demand is higher.
A System Boiler is similar to a Regular boiler but because it contains an expansion vessel it eliminates the need to place the water tank in the loft space.
Your boiler engineer will advise you on the best choice of boiler for your property and you should always follow their expert advice.

A boiler is an important investment so make sure you find an engineer you can trust, one that has preferably been recommended to you and of course is Gas Safe registered.
A condensing boiler offers both environmental and cost saving benefits so if you haven’t switched yet, don’t leave it too long; the sooner you install a condensing boiler, the sooner you can start reaping the rewards of your investment.

Edinburgh Central Heating Services offer free estimates and range of skills. A 24-hour emergency plumbing service is also offered. For more information visit www.edinburghcentralheatingservice.com or telephone 0131 5102418