Why is my Water Heater Making a Knocking Noise ?


I am really freaked out! My water heater is making a knocking noise. Does it sound like a drum Maybe it could be your musical accompaniment. Yeah, oh I just love it. Seriously, what could be causing it I think that some of the things that can be causing it is a calcium build up in the heater. Oh yeah Got Milk Over time calcium deposits in the heater can build up and cause a knocking noise. What is the solution Well first of all is your heater electric or gas.

That is a bit more complicated. With Gas all you have to to do is turn it off and let the water drain out. with an electric heater you need to first make sure that the circuit is turned off. Go to the breaker panel and make sure that you have the power turned off to the unit. You then need to make sure that all the water is turned off to the home. At that point you will get a bucket and drain the heater. Make sure all of the old water.

Is out of the heater. At that point you should use a shop vac to clean the spout and mop up any dripping water. Turn the water heater on and let it slowly fill. Ok Fred, I am taking notes. You are a real Mr. Plumber type aren’t ya More like an electrician however to continue listen up. Turn on a small outside spigot, and make sure that the water supply in the heaetr gets to a steady and constant pressure. When it does make sure that that everything looks good to go, let it warm for a bit.

Why Are My Pipes Making Noise When I Turn On The Water

If your pipes are making unusual noises when you turn on your faucets, it could be due to high water pressure. Most people think they want high water pressure, but what they really want is high volume. Water volume is a measurement of the amount of water that comes out o the faucet. Water pressure is a measurement of the pounds per square inch in the system when you’re not using anything. If you ignore the symptoms of high water pressure, you could have a rupture in your system, causing great damage to your home. If you have any.

Why is My Water Heater Clunking

Why is my water heater clunking I’m assuming you aren’t mistaking the hot water heater as the source of noises actually coming from the water softener. I do not have a water softener. That rules that out. Have you determined if the noise is actually normal flexing and bending as the unit cycles on and off It should not cycle on and off so much that the metal clangs like a proverbial ghost. It would if it alternates between overheating and shutting down to cool off. That means I have a problem way worse than clunking and banging.

If you have a gas heater, it could be a spiral flue baffle expanding and contracting with thermal variations or knocked out of position and now banging around when the gas turns on. I think the latter is more likely, based on the noise level. You can also get banging and clunking because there is so much sediment in the unit that it stirs up and makes a lot of noise as the unit draws hot water. I know I could fix this problem by draining it. If you have a gas hot water heater, the moisture in the sediment flashes into steam that bursts.

Into the water, creating clunking noises. And I thought bubbling and burbling around a heating element were bad. The solution in both cases is the same, flushing out the hot water heater. Assuming there is not anything else causing it. If you’re lucky, it is just high lime content in the water and lime chunks exploding in reaction to heat. That would be a reason to get a water softener. Another possibility, though, is that you hear clanging as the high pressure relief valve engages. If the unit has that much pressure, I need to engage a plumber to fix it.

If you go look at it while it is clanging and the metal is seriously deformed and the relief valve is burbling, you need to turn off the gas and power to the unit, then call a plumber. The tank is going to normally make a little noise when the heat turns on and it expands, but high pressure is dangerous. A more mundane cause of noise like that is a loose bracket behind the burner, expanding and contracting if not moving when the gas is turned on. Is that something I can screw into place.

Why is My Water Heater Banging

Why is my water heater banging Are you sure you are not mistaking the noise from the water softener purging and cleaning itself as water heater noise I turned off the water softener, and the water heater is still banging. It could be normal noise as pipes expand and contract under the flow of hot water through them. The noise is not the pipes, just in the hot water heater. It could be knocking because there is a water leak, and bubbling is making a knocking sound as air bubbles up.

If I had that much air flow, I’d have an obvious water flow too. You could have banging because the bubbling up is occurring as water heats up beneath a layer of sediment before bubbling up and rising through the mud. What mud All those minerals the water softener is supposed to remove but may still make it into the hot water heater, rust I hope my hot water heater isn’t rusting. If you’re unlucky, there is a layer of rust and calcium at the bottom of the hot water.

Heater that the heating element is fighting against, as water bubbles up through before you hear it bang and pop as the hot water bubbles up. That means I’m at risk of a massive leak when it rusts through. Yes, and if the mud is bad, you cannot get it to drain through the drain valve until you literally stir up the mud. I do not use the drain valve very much, because I was afraid it would leak. The drain valve is a common cause of leaks, particularly if you do not close the valve.

All the way after draining the tank. I never thought that I’d be at greater risk of water leaks because I was not draining it. You can have problems with hot water heater banging because a heating element is doing its job too well, with uneven heating. I have not heard of a water heater banging because one element was not working. I’m thinking more along the lines of a heating element working too well. If it got so hot that it was broiling, the fuse would blow or the system would shut down.

Fridge noise fix

Most kitchen refrigerators become very noisy after a couple years of use, usually 5 to 7 years. Repairmen mostly give the same diagnosis replace compressor. Since compressor is the main part of a compressor refrigerator, such repair can be quite expensive. However, it is not always necessary. First, adjust the legs of the freezer and use a bubble level t make sure the device is horizontally leveled. If the noise is still present after that, try the following. Get to the back of the freezer and remove the plate covering the compressor, if it exists. Normally, you just have to unscrew.

A couple of bolts to reveal the compressor. Now look how the compressor is installed. To save time and effort, most manufacturers just use bent metal ears to hold the device in place. And that’s it. No bolts, no nuts, nothing. No wonder these connections get loose because of constant trembling and start to produce that unbearable metallic clanking. To get rid of the noise, use some cable ties to brace the compressor to the base of the refrigerator. When it is held security in place, the cranking should cease. If it doesn’t, consider replacing the compressor.

My Water Softener is Loud!

My water softener is loud! Do you have any suggestions Earplugs I’m serious. These noises are waking us up at night. You could adjust the regeneration schedule. Most of them cycle in the middle of the night, but shifting it to the middle of the day will prevent its operation from waking you up at night. These sounds are worse than what I’d expect for a normal regen. Is it in the middle of the night or just late at night In the evening, when the kids have gone to bed and we’re getting ready for bed.

If you try to use water while the unit is regenerating, it strains to supply softened water during regen. This could cause it to vibrate and knock loudly. Let’s assume that’s the cause. What do I do The solution is to change the timer so that it doesn’t regen while you’re trying to make dinner, take showers or go to the bathroom. But it isn’t just whining. Sometimes it makes knocking sounds. The kids think there is a monster in the water closet. A loud knocking sound, especially one that only lasts less than a minute, is likely a.

Problem with the air check mechanism. When the floating ball in the mechanism is hung up or an air leak bounces it around, you’ll get loud banging. How do I fix it fast Check the tube for leaks, and clean it thoroughly. You’ll need a ball that moves freely in the pipe to prevent future noises. It knocks, it squeals, it makes a lot of sounds. It isn’t just a knocking sound. The problem could be the timing motor. A motor could cause squealing when belts slip, grinding between gears, knocking when something is loose and a host of other sounds.