Summer Heating and Plumbing Advice


The good thing about summer is that it gives your poor old heating system a bit of rest. The past few years have seen some of the harshest winters the country has ever had, so the chances are your boiler, radiators and pipes will have had quite a load placed on them.
Now that the weather is nice and sunny though, I suggest you give a 24 hour Edinburgh  plumber a call so we can give your whole system the once over and leave it in tip top condition for the coming winter. You may be thinking that your heating system and pipes have been fine for years. But wouldn’t you rather know NOW if there is a fault and get it fixed instead of waiting for it to pack up just as things turn a bit chilly? Surely it would be better to have no heating for a day in August than it would be for two hours in December?
Pipes cause absolute nightmares if they burst or crack. With all the harsh weather of the last year, your pipes may have significantly weakened. Another frost could tip them over the edge and before you know it you could be facing a hefty bill for their replacement. This is a big and often complex job that will eat into your Christmas savings. I’d recommend you call a Bates heating engineer now to be on the safe side.
Our team are skilled in spotting problems before they actually start causing you trouble. It could be that everything is fine – but at least you’ll know one way or the other. What is there to lose?

Landlords: Take Advantage of Bates Heating Gas Safe Engineers

As a landlord you’ll always have something to worry about, whether it’s tenants late on the rent, a contract dispute or a property lying empty. With all this to worry about, it must be a nightmare when something such as a boiler breaks down. Not only will you get a tenant complaining to you, but you’ll also have to find a reliable company to fix it. Rather than searching through the Yellow Pages, simply give Bates Heating a call. We can fix boilers, install radiators – anything you need.

Dedicated Landlord Gas Maintenance and Servicing Programme
What’s more, we have a dedicated landlord gas maintenance programme which many property managers across Edinburgh  take advantage of and their tenants have commented on as a reliable and prompt service. Our Gas Safe registered heating and plumbing engineers will give your whole system a once over every year, meaning any problems can be sorted out and anything which may cause you problems in the future will be spotted – and fixed – before they become an issue.
Remember, you’re legally required to have all gas appliances in the properties you let checked every 12 months and to hold a Gas Safety Record. If you think you have things to worry about now, it could get ten times worse if you were caught without a Gas Safety Record. You could face a heavy fine or even a prison sentence.
I’m sure that as a landlord you are always looking at ways to reduce the stress and costs involved in managing your properties. When it comes to gas safety, a landlord gas maintenance contract from Edinburgh Central Heating Services can make a huge difference.