Simple ways to unclog a toilet


  1. Just wait. Then Flush.

Quick Note: This solution does assume you have more than one bathroom in the house. Because this one will be out of commission.

Gravity can be your friend when it comes to a clogged drain. The bowl of water in the toilet will exert pressure on the clog (if it is of the normal variety like too much paper). Wait the clog out. Let it sit overnight then try again in the morning. Do prepared to stop the water flow in the tank if it does not work, but you will be surprised how often it does!

  1. Hot Water

If you find yourself without the time to wait overnight for gravity to do the work, you can help matters along. A couple of cups of hot water will help to break down waste, thus losing the clog. Remember however – hot water from the tap, not boiling water. This could risk cracking the bowl.

  1. Soap

The theory is that liquid soap like dish soap, or hand soap or even shampoo will work with the gravity and help soften things up a bit. Once again, be prepared to stop the water if you are risking an overflow.