Saving Energy and Money with DIY Projects


Having an energy efficient home is good for the environment and great for your bank balance! Saving energy is saving money, in addition home buyers are increasingly interested in energy efficiency so this can have an effect on the resale value of your property. With fuel bills rising every year, being able to show that your bills are lower than the average can be a big selling point in a slow real estate market.


The first step is finding out exactly just how energy efficient your home is, there are numerous websites which can help you evaluate your home such as the excellent resources provided by the Energy Savings Trust. There are also a range of products on sale which are designed to show you just how much energy your electrical appliances are using such as wireless electricity monitors. Once you know how much energy you are using right now, you can start to make changes to save money and stop wasting energy.


One of the most important things you can do to save waste is insulate your loft, up to 25% of the heat loss could be lost through the roof. If your home is not properly insulated, you could insulate it with 170mm thick mineral wool quite cheaply and it’s an easy DIY job. You may even qualify for a 50%-100% government grant if you qualify.

Fixing leaking taps is another no-brainer, a dripping tap can waste as much as 15 litres of water per day and if it’s a hot tap it will also be wasting energy an making your boiler work harder. Leaking taps are most often caused by worn or broken rubber washers, replacing the washer costs next to nothing and is easy to do.

Fitting energy saving bulbs also can have a drastic effect on your electricity bill, even better, the value is coming down all the time with good quality bulbs available for just £1 each.

Draught proofing areas of your home can also have a drastic effect particularly around doors and windows. Stopping these draughts is a simple using foam sealant strips or nylon brushes.

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