Looking to be Energy Efficient ? Then Look to Your Heating Engineer.

Looking to be Energy Efficient ? Then Look to Your Heating Engineer.

With the cost of living soaring to an all-time high, everyone is looking to take on measures that will help them save money on household fuel bills. Choosing the right central heating system and boiler is vital in order to balance energy efficiency against the ideal capacity needed for the home. That is why it is vitally important that you select a Gas Safe registered heating engineer that can make the all-important calculations that could provide serious long-term savings.
Your selected heating engineer should also guarantee the following when servicing, repairing and installing new central heating systems and boilers:

  1. Old gas boilers are replaced with a new condensing boilers in order to cut CO2 emissions and save on bills
  2. Boilers are set to meet the specific heat requirements of the property
  3. Controls are selected to maximise energy efficiency whilst meeting the specific needs and comfort levels of the property
  4. Radiators are appropriately sized to meet the specific requirements for each room, and each is fitted with a thermostatic control to improve in-room comfort
  5. A central heating programmer is fitted that can adjust the time the heating comes on to suit the outside temperature. Room temperature can also be set more accurately and evenly so that a boiler only fires up when it needs to. This increases comfort and reduces heating bills by using less fuel.
  6. Towel warmers are recommended as they contain less water than a radiator, heat up more rapidly and add a modern look to a bathroom.
  7. Unvented twin-coil hot water cylinders are recommended. These can heat up water twice as quickly, they use less energy and provide greater water pressure. These cylinders are also upgradable so that new technology such as solar panels can be added at a later date if required.

These are just a few of the initiatives and suggestions that could easily provide any household with substantial savings. Choose your heating engineer wisely and make sure that, as a member of Gas Safe, they are dedicated to supporting energy efficiency measures and to advising you on the most energy efficient solutions for your home.


Why your Heating System needs a Power Flush Now

Making sure your home is ready for the winter is a vital task. Radiator, boiler and central heating breakdowns are far more likely to occur during the winter. In order to make sure your central heating system is working to the best of its ability, a Power Flush is recommended and this can fix a number of problems that include:

Cold Parts of a Radiator
Does only half of your radiator heat up? Does your home spend a lot of money on energy bills without ever really getting a fully warm home? If you have regular trouble with your radiators, the best option is to invest in a Power Flush. This will clean the system out fully, meaning all the radiators in the home work to their full potential, just when you need them the most.

Pump and Boiler Failure Prevention

The main reason pumps and boilers break down is because they are not serviced regularly. To prevent this, an annual service from a Gas Safe registered Edinburgh  plumber is recommended, and a Power Flush can also make sure that future problems are eradicated before they become a problem. Power Flushes can help extend the life of pumps and boilers, saving you money in the long run.

Improved Efficiency
Power Flushing can improve the performance of your heating system by flushing out sludge and lime scale build-up, maximising heat output and promoting energy efficiency. Not only will your central heating system work more effectively, but you could also save hundreds of pounds on your utility bills.
By selecting a highly experienced and highly professional Power Flush company to perform the job, you will be left with a fully optimised central heating system that will heat your home efficiently throughout the winter months and beyond.

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