How to Find an All in One Home Renovation Team

How to Find an All in One Home Renovation Team

How many people does it take to complete a home renovation project? If you’re planning a new kitchen or bathroom you’ll certainly need a qualified plumber and electrician, and probably a carpenter, tiler and decorator as well. A job involving building work, such as an extension, will need the services of an experienced bricklayer, plasterer, and perhaps a flooring specialist and roofer. If you are refurbishing and updating the whole house you might also need to call in a heating engineer, a damp-proofing expert and a glazier.

You might think you can save time and money by employing someone who claims to be a jack-of-all-trades, but what if his knowledge of most of those trades is only superficial? To be sure of a high standard of work and a top quality finish it’s always advisable to choose a team of people who are all qualified and experienced in their own particular trades.

So how can a homeowner find a reliable home renovation team? There are two ways:

The do-it-yourself approach

Write down all the different tasks involved in your project and the skills needed to carry them out. Use local directories, Internet searches and friends’ recommendations to draw up a shortlist of builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. who seem to have the expertise you need. Ask them all for quotations and check their qualifications. Don’t forget that anyone working with gas must be on the Gas Safe Register, and if you use an unqualified electrician it will be your responsibility to have his work checked by a buildings inspector before you’re allowed to use it.

When you’ve chosen your team, the next step is to organise a timetable. Skilled tradesmen are in high demand and they may not all be available on the days you want them. It’s also important to decide the order in which different jobs will be done and how long they should take, otherwise you could find you’re paying people to do nothing while they wait for someone else to finish their part of the work.

To avoid unnecessary delays – and unexpected extra bills – you should have a written agreement with each person detailing exactly what work they are going to do and arrangements for the supply of materials. Will they source everything they need or are they expecting you to buy and arrange delivery of materials? What about equipment that several people will use, such as scaffolding or a rubbish skip? Who will organise and pay for that?

The Ready-Made Solution

A much easier way of finding an all in one home renovation team is to look for an established local company that puts together its own teams of building professionals. Choose a company that fully guarantees all its work and can supply a team that are used to working together on all types of home renovation projects. A reputable company will make sure all its staff are properly trained with up-to-date certification and will organise the work schedule to ensure the job proceeds quickly and smoothly.
Dealing with just one company that takes full responsibility for the whole job from the planning stage to completion will save you a lot of time and headaches. It could also save you money!

How Much Would You Pay?

Here’s a question for you, how much do you think emergency plumbers in Edinburgh   should charge for unblocking a toilet? The reason I ask is because a potential customer telephoned last Sunday enquiring about whether I could send a plumber to unblock his toilet, stating that it would only be a 10-minute job. I told him the hourly rate for Sunday, and he declined and hung up the telephone. Wednesday, I had a call from one of our letting agencies, one of their tenants had a blocked toilet and could we attend? We were there within the hour, with our drain rods in toe. Second floor flat in a six-storey apartment block, gave the toilet a few plunges with the plunger, half a bottle of sulphuric acid. Waited 15 minutes, had another go with the plunger and whoosh about 5 gallons of the brown stuff shot out of the toilet, up the walls on the ceiling everywhere, it was going everywhere. By this time the tenant was crying and chucking up herself, her flat was smelling something like a sewage works. All the waste that had built up over several days from all the flats above her flat, had decided to enter her property and now also the flat below hers. In total there were at least seven Edinburgh plumbers at this property, trying to locate where the main blockage was, eventually after 24hrs it was found and repaired. This is a photo of the mess; would you want to work in it or clean it up ?

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