Draughtproofing Doors and Windows

Draughtproofing Doors and Windows

Draught-proofing in modern homes with UPVC door or windows, draughtproofing will be included as part of the structural design. However, if you’ve got an older home with wooden doors and window frames, you’ll want to enhance the draughtproofing of your home to scale back heating bills and feel more comfortable in the colder weather. Doors are prone to letting in draughts in several areas, if you are not sure where the draught is coming from, light a candle and slowly move it around the edges of the door until you see it flicker. Once you have identified the draught you can use a strip excluder to create a seal when the door is closed. Strip excluders are long thin strips of foam, rubber or nylon brush which are fixed into the door rebate to create a seal when the door is closed against them. You can also use Sill Seals on the floor beneath where the door sits when it is closed.


If the draught is coming from the letterbox, there are special letterbox excluders available from your local DIy store or online which are designed to stop draughts blowing in through the letterbox. Made from metal or plastic they are simply screwed into place over the inside of the letterbox. In the same way you can also get keyhole covers to prevent draughts blowing through the keyhole.


When it involves draughtproofing windows, new UPVC windows shouldn’t let in any draughts, but older wooden or metal windows often will with gaps often appearing round the frame. With casement windows you can apply flexible rubber excluders between the frame and the moving part of the window which are fixed to the rebate. You simply measure and cut a strip for each side of the window and carefully stick it to the rebate on the moving part of the window ensuring that the excluder reaches right to each corner. With Sash Windows the best method if probably to fit rigid brush strips on the inside of the frame which still allow the sash to slide easily past.

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