Digital Showers – Welcome to Modern Technology in the Bathroom

Digital Showers – Welcome to Modern Technology in the Bathroom

With their ability to deliver a constant temperature for the duration of your shower, digital showers are becoming increasingly popular choices in bathroom installation.  However, temperature controllability isn’t their only benefit; here are just a few more reasons why a digital shower could be the shower of choice for you!

Digitally controlled temperature…

As the name suggests, digital showers are controlled digitally which means that the temperature is mapped and therefore remains constant throughout the duration of the shower. No more hot or cold bursts when someone turns the kitchen tap on!  Most digital showers also offer a ‘warm up’ mode, meaning that you can step into the shower at the perfect temperature – and not a minute before!

….and digitally controlled flow!

The flow of the water can also be controlled digitally, either using a pre-programmable flow setting or the adjustable ‘easy-flow’, used to control the flow once in the shower.  With high, medium and low flow settings, there’s a flow to suit every member of the family!


Many digital showers can be set with a maximum duration of shower length, thus making them a very eco-friendly option – and a wallet friendly option too, helping you to save on both water and electricity.

Remote control showering!

Although not normally associated with a shower, some digital showers even come with a remote control.  Fancy switching on your en suite shower from your bedroom.  Well, you can do exactly that with a digital shower!

Easy installation

All of this, and digital showers couldn’t be easier for a professional plumber to install, either. Compatible with a variety of boiler types, including combi boilers, an ‘exposed’ digital shower (whereby the pipes are cleverly concealed in the shower riser) can be installed in as little as two hours!  Similarly, a ‘concealed’ digital shower – where just the controls and shower head are visible – is also a very simple installation, making them a brilliant option in bathroom design.

Central Heating Radiators

Central heating radiators come in all shapes and sizes, from skirting board radiators to designer radiators that go up the wall. Cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium and even glass radiators are available. When fitting a new radiator in a room, it is a good idea to calculate the heat loss for that particular room, by doing so will achieve the correct heating comfort levels for that room. Also by doing a heat loss calculation from the outset, you will save money as you will not be wasting money on fuel bills by heating oversized radiators.
I am often asked where in a room should central heating radiators be installed. Well before the days of double and triple glazing, the rules were simple and that was beneath the window because cold air falls and hot air rises, without the radiator being in this position there would always be cold spots and draughts in the room. Today’s modern properties are now insulated so well that the rules of where to fit radiators has more or less gone and is based on available wall space more than anything else.

Most plumbers and heating installers in Edinburgh   should be able to carry out heat loss calculations for you, before installing central heating radiators, whether they do or not is a different matter. But as previously mentioned it is advisable to do so, as it will save you money on fuel bills over time.


Elnur CMX15 Electric Combination Boilers

Recently we had an enquiry to fit electric heating for a property in Edinburgh  . On visiting the property the owner stated that although they had gas central heating installed 3 years earlier, they were never allowed to use it as the flue for the boiler could not be fitted due to the property being a listed building. The property itself was a small one bedroom flat and very compact with furniture, making it impossible to fit a conventional hot water cylinder, a Thermaflow or Electromax electric boiler due to a severe lack of space.
So after scouring the internet for electric combination boilers, we came across the CMX15 wall mounted electric combination boiler. Great, problem solved, sent the quote to the customer but also informed them that we had no experience of this boiler as it was fairly new to the market. Everything was agreed and a time was arranged to fit this electric boiler.

The Good Points

If you are short of storage space and can only fit an electric boiler, then this is for you. It is however very bulky and heavy weighing around 70kg. The surface wall that it is fitted to, needs to be solid and flat. It is not suitable for dry lined walls.
It has a 50ltr hot water storage capacity, also available in a 18kw model, has a built-in pump, with plenty of safety devices. Has a built it printed circuit board with a simple easy to read LCD panel. The boiler is easy to install and is certified with a CE kitemark.

The Bad Points

This electric combination boiler is made in Madrid, Spain, it has a UK agent based in Lancashire which has no reps in the rest of the UK.
The CM and CMX range of boilers only come with a 2 year warranty, as these electric boilers are priced at around the same price as other electric boilers on the market such as the Thermaflow electric boiler whereas the Thermaflow comes with a 25 year warranty.

As I have previously said the boiler is easy and straightforward to install, but it never worked correctly upon installation. The hot water was fine, but the heating circuit never worked. The fault-finding instructions were easy to follow, within the instructions is a technical helpline telephone number. However, this is in Madrid and not much use if you’re working on a boiler in Edinburgh  . There is no reference in the literature to Elnur UK. We eventually got their details from the suppliers, who also state that should this boiler not work or breakdown within the warranty period, then an agent from the company would repair the boiler within 2-3 days. Well this never happened, the company initially were helpful in giving advice over the phone, sent a couple of spare sensors which made no difference. They were reluctant to have to travel from Lancashire to Edinburgh  during the week because of traffic or because they were busy and would only do so at the weekend.

This went on for nearly 6 weeks, the customer by this time had refused to pay us, the company up north tended not to return telephone calls (always waiting for a director to return or something) Anyway eventually they replaced the boiler with a new one. One final gripe, the replacement boiler in Edinburgh   was delivered by courier, the flat owner lives on the third floor with no lift, the boiler weighs 70kg and owner had to somehow get this boiler into the flat by herself.

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