Central Heating Boiler Repairs

Central Heating Boiler Repairs

December has finally arrived, so now according to the Uk’s meteorologists’ winter is officially here. Which will mean you turning on your heating system, maybe for the first time this year. But life being what it is, some of you will need to call a Gas Safe registered plumber to diagnose and repair the fault to your boiler or the heating system controls. Repairs on some boilers can be time consuming and expensive, if your boiler is in a confined space or there is a lot of clutter around it, it is to your advantage to clear it before the heating engineer arrives, rather than expecting him to move everything. If your boiler is in the loft space, then you should have both suitable lighting and flooring fitted.

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A lot of properties these days have wireless room thermostats, if your heating is not working this is the first thing you should check, are your batteries flat? You will be pretty cheesed of with yourself, if the heating engineer turns up and replaces two AA batteries and charges you to do so. You can also check the pressure gauge on the boiler, if it is below a 1/2 bar then try topping up the boiler yourself, again this will save you money. And before you call a plumbing company make sure you have the boiler switched on! You’d be surprised about how many people call, only for us to turn up and ‘flick a switch!’ Most heating engineers & plumbers will carry a basic stock of heating spares in their vans, this will include 3 port and 2 port valves, pumps, cylinder thermostats, room thermostats, thermocouples, ignition leads as well as other bits and bobs. However don’t expect them to be carrying every type of fan motor, gas valve or PCB for every type of boiler, because they won’t have and depending on the make and model of your boiler they may well have to order the part which can take a couple of days.

Just like new car spares, boiler spares can be expensive, a few years ago whilst attending a boiler manufacturers factory, the rep stood on a platform to show us a PCB he said “we buy these in bulk for £5 each, but sell them to you for £150” Modern gas boilers have far more parts that can go wrong than what the central heating boilers of 25 – 30 years ago did, with the average boiler repair now being £200 and upwards.

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Potterton PowerHA Boilers with Concealed Flues

If you live in a flat or apartment in in Edinburgh   that has the Powermax, Maxol or any other gas boiler that has a concealed flue hidden within the ceiling space, then now is the time to be thinking about taking action. Because unbeknown to many owners, tenants and landlords time is running out for you. You have until the 31st of December 2012 to have certain work carried out which includes having a series of inspection hatches fitted to the ceilings throughout your property so that the entire flue can be inspected. You will also be required to have a carbon monoxide detector fitted by this date. From the 1st of January if you have not had this work carried out, then any heating company in Edinburgh   will disconnect the boiler leaving you with no heating or hot water until you have had this work carried out. And the chances are that you will be given an invoice for their time and feel that you’ve just been ripped off by the local plumber. However, as you all get your gas boilers serviced yearly you should be fully aware of this by now.


Powermax boiler

This isn’t about gas engineers or Gas Safe banding together to see how they can make more money out of their customers, it is about gas safety and legislation from the HSE, love them or loathe them they are there for a reason and that is to prevent accidents and death. This person had the same type of flue system as many of you do, but was unfortunate and sadly died, because of a concealed flue. Time is running out to have these remedial works carried out to your Powermax boilers, but do you really want your boiler disconnected in the middle of winter?
There are alternatives, Powermax boilers are by their very nature expensive to repair as well as being time consuming. So, if you don’t want your ceilings to have inspection hatches throughout the property. Although this would almost certainly mean changing from gas to electric central heating, running costs are comparable to gas and are more efficient. Powermax boilers are by their very nature expensive to repair as well as being time consuming in either getting parts or carrying out the repair. So maybe now is a good a time as any to consider replacing it altogether!

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