Boiler Repair and Service

At Edinburgh Central Heating Services we provide an emergency boiler repair service when your boiler has broken down covering your local area. Edinburgh Central Heating Services use quality parts from national suppliers to repair your boiler. Edinburgh Central Heating Services will assess if it is economical to repair your old boiler or replace it at your request.

We are boiler repair specialists with over 20 years of experience and updated training for modern pre mixed burners on most boiler repairs today. Combination boilers are now in 80% of properties and we repair all makes and models of combi gas boilers. If you have a boiler breakdown repair we have the expert experience in boiler repair.

One of the main reasons for boiler breakdown repair is due to inhibitor not having been added to the heating boiler after installation or when it has been drained and not added again on fill up of system. corrosion takes place and over a short period of time sludge begins to block the plated heat exchanger and causes damage to the diverter valve. pump failure is also contributed to this, so we recommend having your combination boiler or system boiler serviced by our trained engineer to ensure your boiler is in good mechanical condition. if sludge is found within your boiler, we suggest a thorough cleaning to restore your boiler to less chance of repair in the future. The other main for boiler repairs is faults such as fan unit failure, circuit boards blown and gas valves not opening. We thoroughly diagnose your boiler and then give you a price to complete the repair, unlike other companies who charge by the hour with charges for collecting materials. So, using our services is a budget solution to your boiler repair.

Research has shown that boilers seldom ever have services performed on an annual basis. We tend to service our cars, which are our pride and joy but leave out critical appliances such as boilers. Edinburgh Central Heating Services will analyse your boiler free of charge to determine if the appliance is safe to use. All boilers fall into three categories: safe, at risk, or immediately dangerous. Therefore, there is a 1 in 3 chance that your boiler is safe to use. Edinburgh Central Heating Services will assess if your boiler is a high gas guzzler (Sedbuk D, E, F, G), wasting energy and raising your gas bills needlessly. Edinburgh Central Heating Services also determine the CO/CO2 ratio of your boiler to determine if it is safe or not to use and if you are leaving a high carbon footprint on the environment.

Research has shown that many flus like symptoms can be attributed to low carbon monoxide poisoning from appliances. Poorly installed appliances producing high levels of carbon monoxide can be lethal to your family in a short period of time, even minutes. Only GAS SAFE REGISTERED engineers can install and work on boilers. Unfortunately, illegal gas workers have installed many boilers. It is estimated that 3,000 illegal installers are carrying out gas work, which they are not competent to do so. They carry out approximately 279,000 gas jobs each year in the UK. If you have recently purchased a home how do you know the history of the boiler installed was by a competent class of person? Do you have a benchmark card filled out detailing the installer or company? Has it been serviced annually? Do you have an installation certificate from GAS SAFE REGISTER?

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