Boiler DIY


Boilers today are becoming fairly complex with a wide range of control mechanisms including thermostat, programmer and time switches. All these devices are designed to control the heating your home and the hot water at maximum efficiency. But faults with these controls can make your home uncomfortably hot or cold, not to mention increasing your fuel bills and even posing a safety threat.


There are a number of simple checks you can carry out on your boiler system, however do not attempt to do any complex servicing or repair work on your heating system by yourself, this must always be done by a Gas Safe Register approved heating engineer. In addition you should have your boiler and heating system serviced and checked every year by a professional, which will prevent the majority of problems in any case and will also save on expensive emergency call outs!


One of the easiest improvements you can make to your heating system is to check the age of your thermostat, over time they can become inaccurate and turn the heat on or off at incorrect times. You can buy a new thermostat with energy-saving controls at your local DIY store and they are easy to replace. If you currently do not have a programmable thermostats, then you could cut heating bills by 10 to 20 percent by fitting one. Another simple check is to make sue that on mechanical time-clock driven programmers the clock dial isn’t stuck. On electronic programmers you need to ensure that the LCD display, circuit board electronics or relay haven’t failed. Replacements for these items usually just plug straight into place and can be found at most DIY stores.


If you have a thermostatic valve you can check it is working by turning up the thermostat and checking for a corresponding change in heat, if no change occurs then you have a fault with your radiator valve and will need to call a Gas professional to drain your system and replace the valve.


The condensate pipe carries condensation from your boiler to your outside drain, in cold weather the pipe may freeze and cause the boiler to shutdown. If this happens you should see a fault code and/or warning light. To get your heating back on you will simply need to defrost the pipe and restart the boiler.

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