Basic Water Boiler Maintenance


Water Boilers for the most part is very dependable. They run day in and day out giving us a real necessity in life without us thinking much about them – that is until they break. When a water boiler goes it can turn your life upside and be a real expense to replace. That is why it pays to spend an afternoon once a year doing a quick maintenance to the unit. With these 3 steps, you can extend the life of your water boiler thus saving yourself money and a real headache.

Step 1 – Check your Water Boiler Temperature

If you have never touched your temperature setting on a water boiler before it will either be a dial on the gas valve or a thermostat behind your electric water boiler panel. The optimum temperature setting is between 115- and 200-degrees Fahrenheit. By keeping it at this setting you can protect the tank from overheating. Plus, it will save energy from heating the water.

Step 2 – Temperature and Pressure Release Valve

The Temperature and Pressure Release Valve (T&P for short) is a small valve at the top of a pipe that goes down near the ground and terminates. It is a release valve for draining the water heating unit. You should test it and make sure it is still functional once a year. To test lift on the lever part way and let it go. It should rapidly snap back into position.

If it is working properly you should hear a water gurgling sound and see some water released through the drain tube. If this does not happen, the valve is probably bad and should be replaced.

Step 3 – Perform a Mini-Flush on the System

A yearly mini flush of your water boiler will remove a lot of sediments from the bottom of the tank. This is an important step to preventing rust and corrosion.

To do this you need to place a bucket under the drain valve that is located near the bottom of the tank. You should have a handle near the drain valve. By turning the valve counter clockwise you can open it. Release a few gallons of water into the bucket then turn the valve back off.

A full flush of the system would be even better, but this requires turning off the system and draining the entire thing and best left to a professional.


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