Alternative Renewable Energy from Solar Wind Power


Besides the cost and environmental benefits of using natural energy provided by the sun and wind, installation of alternative electricity generation system is the only way to power your home.  Siting a solar wind power generator is extremely important to the working of the machine.  The ideal location for a wind turbine is about twenty feet above any surrounding object with a 250-foot radius.  This generally means that the property is at least half an acre or larger in size.

Energy for Free

Installation of a solar wind power energy system has its advantages.  The foremost is protection against power failures and clean air quality.  The cost of renewable power systems is dropping, and the advantages are increasing.

The usage of electricity varies from household to household. The amount of electricity we use has no relation to the space of the house.  By adding a couple of solar panels, a solar hot water system or a small wind turbine to the roof of the house can reduce dependence on utility companies supplying electricity.  If there is provision of integration to a province-wide grid metering system, then the home solar wind power system can be connected to the provincial power grid.  The benefits of this system are:

The owner pays the grid utility service only the difference of the solar wind power generated, and the amount of power consumed.  If, however, your system generates more power than you consume, the utility service will not pay the owner for any the excess power generated.  Indirectly, this system displaces coal power and helps in keeping the environment clean and the air we breathe safe.

The grid system allows the user to use the solar wind power to meet power needs like electrical lighting of the house and garden, while using the power from the grid to run power guzzling appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water pumps, etc.

The net metering system allows the owner to reduce the cost of investment in the solar wind power equipment by doing away with backup batteries.  Storage batteries are expensive and cost a reasonable amount to maintain.  The grid system helps to do away with batteries.  The owner can supply power to the grid when there is excess power generation, or during the day when there is less use of power, and draw from the grid instead of batteries during the night or when the power is low during cloudy days.

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