6 Myths and Facts About Electric Water Boilers


There are many misconceptions regarding all types of water boilers. These myths make deciding what type of water boiler is best for you a nightmare. Having the facts and knowing the myths will help you sort through information a lot faster and ultimately lead you to making better decisions.

Myth: Electric water boilers have pilot lights

Pilot lights are used to ignite a gas flame that, in turn, heats water. Therefore, only gas fired water boilers have a pilot light. Electric water boilers do not need one. Instead, they have an electric element. It is also called heating element.

The electric element is located under the tank and is turned on whenever cold water enters the bottom of the tank. It stays on until all the water reaches the desired temperature. The water boiler works by using hot water’s natural tendency to rise to the top of the tank. Electric water boilers usually use two heating elements.

Myth: Electric water boilers must be vented

Venting is needed to get rid of harmful gases. Because electric water boilers do not use combustion, there is no flow of harmful gases. So, there is no cause for your electric water boiler to need venting.

Installing proper venting is very costly. And there is a limited area where you can install air vents. Getting rid of both problems makes your electric water boiler installation both cheap and flexible. So, you can install your water boiler where it is most used.

Fact: Water boiler timers save money

It is estimated that water boiler timers will save around 10 percent of your energy cost. How it works is it turns the water boiler off when you are not using hot water. For example, at night or when you are away from home and you do not need it running.

The £50 or more price tag on water boiler timers will pay for themselves in roughly a year. The sad part is that you can only install them on electric water boilers. Timers that can turn gas valves on and off are potentially dangerous. So, gas fired electric water boilers do not have this perk.

Myth: Pressure drops are caused by electric water boilers

Pressure drops can happen in any type of water boiler. But are most common in tankless water boilers. In most cases pressure loss comes from minor problems in the water boiler system. But this does not mean that pressure drops are caused by electric water boilers.

Most often a clogged pipe/tankless coil is the cause of the pressure drop. To identify this water boiler problem, look to have fluctuating water flow whenever you turn on a hot water faucet. To solve the problem, use an acid flush to clear the pipe of rust and debris.

Myth: Are electric water boiler elements universal

There are some electric elements that are universal. However, most screw-in elements must be the same voltage, wattage, and flange style as the element before it. It is important to take care of any leaking problems and corroded wiring connections to your heating element, so it does not break.

Fact: Are electric water boilers good for cabins

Using electric water boilers makes for more expensive hot water compared to gas models, however electric tanks are better insulated. This makes the water in the tank retain its warmth even after a power failure of two days. Therefore, electric water boilers are excellent choices for cabins and cottages.

Knowing the common myths and facts about electric water boilers makes all the difference when choosing the proper hot water source for your home. Now that you know about the most common concerns you can make a more educated decision.

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